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It is the priority and mission of Huntington Beach High School to provide a learning environment that is safe and secure. In the event of an emergency, it is important that we work collaboratively with parents and guardians to maintain student safety and that we comply with the process developed by the Huntington Beach Union High School District and the City of Huntington Beach Police and Fire departments. Outlined below are the procedures for the evacuation of students in the case of an emergency:



  • If there is a person with a weapon or dangerous object on campus or surrounding community, the school will be locked down. All students and staff will report to the nearest room and building doors will be locked, including the administration building. Students and staff will not be released until the threat is gone. Parents and guardians are urged to NOT come to the campus as they will not be able to gain access to the campus and may hamper the ability of law enforcement to control the situation.



  • In the event of an environmental disaster or fire, students will be evacuated out to the baseball fields. A Parent Reunion Station will be set up on the north side of the main parking lot (see map on website).PARENTS/GUARDIANS MUST PRESENT THEIR IDENTIFICATION TO PICK UP THEIR STUDENT. If sending a friend or family member, please be sure their name is on the emergency card.


Reminders to Parents:

  • Parents are urged to keep the studentsΓÇÖ emergency cards up-to-date with current phone numbers and names of adults who are authorized to take their students off campus.
  • Parents are asked to show patience with this process. It must be orderly and the school must ensure that students are never released to unauthorized persons. Therefore, parents must remain at the reunion gate until students are brought from the baseball fields and released to their parents. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO ENTER THE CAMPUS DURING AN EMERGENCY EVACUATION.


  • Parents and students are also asked NOT TO USE CELL PHONES during an emergency. This could potentially clog the phone lines and prohibit access to emergency personnel and information passed on to parents and friends may not be accurate. Instead, parents should contact the District Office at (714) 903-7000 who will serve as the communication liaison between the school and parents.


We greatly appreciate the cooperation of all those involved in this process of reuniting families and ensuring the safety of all students and staff.